All the cute and the precious have been found. All the kitties and puppies have homes. The candy colored, the eco-friendly, the hipsters of the handmade are all duly covered elsewhere. Here I will find the slightly odd, the darkly beautiful, the elegant and steamy pieces of goodness. I am very particular in my tastes and though I promise you that I will share nothing but the most intriguing of my discoveries, you may not always like them. I must also confess that I have no real artistic nor fashion background to base my finds upon. These are simply discoveries dug up from the depths of etsy or perhaps elsewhere, brushed off and presented for your approval.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Do You Compute

Steampunk meets computer.1. Steampunk Copper Flash USB Drive 2GB Gearing Detail - qacreate
2. Big Brain - XtraLarge hard drive clock - purle green shifting color - The Blue Kraken
3. The Pump Table 001 - brooksbot75
4. Vinyl Laptop Decal. Steampunk Aught-One - thosmhicks

Whether is purely a decorative touch or a functioning piece, computers and Steampunk go together. Sure, it seems like an unnatural fit, but my laptop is sporting the black version of thosmkicks vinyl decal and I know more than one person who would proudly carry a tricked out USB drive. Perhaps it's not functioning as a hard drive anymore, but the re purposing of it as a clock seems very steamy to me and sure you could argue whether that table computer is steampunk or not, but it is definitely cool.

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