All the cute and the precious have been found. All the kitties and puppies have homes. The candy colored, the eco-friendly, the hipsters of the handmade are all duly covered elsewhere. Here I will find the slightly odd, the darkly beautiful, the elegant and steamy pieces of goodness. I am very particular in my tastes and though I promise you that I will share nothing but the most intriguing of my discoveries, you may not always like them. I must also confess that I have no real artistic nor fashion background to base my finds upon. These are simply discoveries dug up from the depths of etsy or perhaps elsewhere, brushed off and presented for your approval.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Mighty Heroine

A Little Fairy Tale Girl Power
1.Mermaid with Golden Ball (Fine art metallic print) - StarForeman
2. The Lost Key - Open Edition Print - Piccolini
3. Wild Wilhelmina the Lion Tamer - devoutdolls
4. Leadership WALL PRINT - steelgoddess
So, I saw Alice in Wonderland this weekend...I know you're shocked. Aside from wanting to have every dress the gal wears, she inspired me to find some steampunk girl power for Monday morning. Hope you enjoy them and if anyone wants to make me some dresses...just let me know!

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Sewicked said...

Have you ever seen any Mae West movies? If so, did you see the one where she's a lion tamer? I'd like to try wearing that outfit, not the dress she wore at the beginning; cause I don't have the chutzpah to wear that dress.