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Monday, October 8, 2012

Steamduck Learns To Fly

You might remember back in February we were treated to the adorable steampunk children's book, Her Majesty's Explorer: a Steampunk bedtime story which I was kindly asked to read and review. I, along with many others fell in love with a character in the back up story, Steamduck. Well now that little duck gets it's own story and it too is adorable.

About Steamduck Learns To Fly
In this new tale, the plucky mechanical duck discovers that REAL birds do more than swim. He turns to his old friend and maker - the Otter - to learn a few things about flying. They try and fail with propeller contraptions, hot air balloons and more. Despite all the mishaps, the pair eventually defy gravity and take to the sky. 

“With the success of Her Majesty’s Explorer, we thought long and hard about where we wanted to go with our darling characters. Steamduck has quite a following, and we wanted to make sure he was true to his heroic nature. Kevin is a pilot, and a huge fan of flight history, so we went with those ideas for our second Steamduck story,” says Emilie P. Bush.  “So, as he tries and fails with many different types of flight, he never gives up, and he never stops learning.”

Like HME, Steamduck Learns To Fly is full of whimsical illustrations with beautiful details and soft colors. The story is a familiar one of longing to be more and finally realizing that you were 'more' all along. It's a story that is likely to spark the imagination of children and it was a joy to read for me. More than that though, it creatively sneaks in a little learning of the kind that makes you want to learn even more. This really is a lovely follow up and I am looking forward to more stories in this steampunk world.

The book will be released Wednesday October 10th. As with HME there's a special incentive to pick up the book release day on Amazon. SteamDuck will be $10 on 10/10. You can learn more about our new friend at the facebook page, see the book trailer on youtube or pop by the Coal City Steam blog.