All the cute and the precious have been found. All the kitties and puppies have homes. The candy colored, the eco-friendly, the hipsters of the handmade are all duly covered elsewhere. Here I will find the slightly odd, the darkly beautiful, the elegant and steamy pieces of goodness. I am very particular in my tastes and though I promise you that I will share nothing but the most intriguing of my discoveries, you may not always like them. I must also confess that I have no real artistic nor fashion background to base my finds upon. These are simply discoveries dug up from the depths of etsy or perhaps elsewhere, brushed off and presented for your approval.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


SteamPunk can be complex to explain, but you know it when you see it, especially when looking through a great pair of goggles.
1. Five Lens Steampunk Goggles - steampunk22
2. Eastern Block Steampunk Goggles - Neverwas
3. Steampunk Brass Goggles - BrazenDevice
4. Deep Plump Steampunk Goggles - BolierGoth
A lot of people believe that goggles are not only an essential element to any steampunks wardrobe, but also something that one should design and make themselves. As someone who intended to do just that and still has a pair of untouched goggles sitting in a drawer waiting for lace, I am glad that there are amazing makers out there selling their hard work. From extremely complex mad scientist models to simple designs with a lot of character, there is a pair of googles out there to fit any steamy outfit.

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Tom Banwell said...

Another great collection!

. c h o k l i t . said...

I love all my goggles... I feel like I'm going adventuring every time I wear them. May I also suggest the spectacular monocles and goggles by Orpheus Alchemy?

TotusMel said...

Oh, you know I love her pieces, I was just saving them for a more fantastical post!

BoilerGoth said...

You do lovely collections! I shall now be following your page..

doctor-insectus said...

oh my gawwwwd...how had I not found Steampunk 22 until now? thanks for sharing your superb taste...